Research interests
My research interests lie broadly in statistical methods applied to life and social sciences. In particular, I am interested in robust and nonparametric statistics, including quantile regression. I have developed methods to estimate quantiles of conditional distributions when data are clustered. Linear Quantile Mixed Models (Geraci and Bottai 2014, Statistics and Computing; Geraci 2014, Journal of Statistical Software), which stem from my PhD work, have been have been used by researchers in biostatistics, public health, medicine, marine biology, ophthalmology, environmental science, psychology, anesthesiology, finance, linguistic and lexicography. Some applications are referenced below. These studies showed that LQMMs represent a flexible and robust tool that complements the well-known linear mixed-effects models. See my software page for my R packages lqmm and Qtools.

I have also worked on semiparametric regression, missing data, survey methodology, multivariate analysis, and spatial statistics. My present and past collaborations include studies in child health, in particular on cancer epidemiology and physical activity using accelerometry, gastroenterology and radiology.

I have some MSc and PhD projects available, mostly related to quantile methods but also methods for missing data, analysis of complex survey data, and semiparametric regression. If you want to know more, you can email me or drop a message here. Here’s a sample of past and current projects

Applications of LQMM


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