Here you can find the links to the R code that I have written and a brief description of what it does. You may also find related papers (some of them are open access) — when you use the software, please cite them as appropriate. In particular, click here to see how to cite lqmm and any software that explicitly calls lqmm.

Citing software is as important as citing any other contribution to science. Depsy is a an open-source webapp that tracks research software impact. My Depsy profile is available here.

nlqmm 1.0: Fit nonlinear quantile mixed models new_icon

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aqmm 1.0: Fit additive quantile mixed models new_icon

Related paper(s):

lqmm 1.5.4: Fit quantile regression models for independent and hierarchical data

Related paper(s):

pawacc 1.2.2: Process, format and store accelerometer data

Related paper(s):

Qtools 1.3: Collection of utilities for unconditional and conditional quantiles, including functions for quantile transformation models, quantile-based imputation and quantile regression for counts

Related paper(s):


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